Ever heard the word ‘daycation’? It’s a day trip, a day long vacation. And Little River is such a great spot for one.

It may only be a reasonably short distance to Christchurch (53kms) or Akaroa (29kms) but Little River’s a great place to break up the trip. Get away from the city, stretch your legs and stop in at Little River Hotel for a munch, coffee, ice cream or drinks break.

Why not stay a bit longer? Book a room with us and take some time to get to know our little piece of paradise. There are a surprising amount of activities to keep you occupied round these parts.



Christchurch is less than an hour in one direction, and Akaroa just half an hour round the corner in the other direction.

If you’re coming from Christchurch it’s a pretty easy travelling. When it’s time to move on from Little River to Akaroa it’s a beautiful drive; once you make it over the crest of the hill and start driving down to Banks Peninsula the scenic views are million dollar! But do take your time, it’s a bit of a twisty ol’ road and we want you to make it to us without any mishaps.

Akaroa is a charming, French-influenced seaside village. It’s a day well spent simply meandering around the boutique stores and galleries with lunch in a cafĂ© or a feed of Akaroa’s famous fish and chips. Creative and picturesque with an enviable pace of life.

If you enjoy a scenic tiki-tour, about 10kms out of Little River turn off and follow the signs that say Eastern Bays via Summit Road and Tourist Drive. This route will take you up nice and high so you can look down on Akaroa Harbour. It’s about 31km and should take you about 45 minutes unless you’re the type who likes to pull over and get some fresh air. Do the drive going in both directions for different views each way.